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Specialists in creating high performing campaigns across Search Shopping, Display, and Video, our team uses a combination of technology and creativity to gain increased visibility and more sales at a profitable CPA.


Make more of your existing website traffic by displaying adverts to people who have previously visited your site whenever they visit sites on the Google Display Network and YouTube.

PPC Review and Audits

Find out how well your existing campaigns are performing and where the opportunities for growth and improvement lie. Use this as an opportunity to get a one-off project from our expert team.

PPC Management Services – More Profitable Campaigns
Our Pay Per Click Marketing services

Pay per click marketing has the potential to attract highly relevant visitors to your website, helping you to boost sales and generate more leads. Paid search is very different to organic search, although you appear in the search engine results page for searched terms, unlike organic search, Google pay per click campaigns, and Bing paid campaigns require the user to click on your ads (usually at the top and bottom of the SERP).. Our pay per click advertising approach is all about reaching your target audience and guiding users through the conversion process. By tailoring your PPC ads, and using highly relevant landing pages, we are able to help drive as many conversions as possible within your PPC budget.

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Why PPC Matters

As a leading PPC marketing agency and a google ads agency, we often meet clients who are unhappy with their current paid search marketing performance and are looking to improve the overall efficiency of their account. Our pay per click advertising approach is all about reaching your target audience and guiding users through the conversion process.

Pay Per Click Keyword Research & Targeting
Pay Per Click Keyword Research
We use various PPC keyword research tools to identify the best keywords to bid on to ensure your campaign drives suitable traffic and generates positive ROI. We’ll also create unique audience targeting within Google Ads based on many factors.
Automatic Bidding Strategies
Automatic Bidding Strategies
We’ll test automated bidding strategies across your new and existing campaigns on Google Ads and Bing ads to help you maximize your return and efficiently achieve your set goals.
Landing Page Creation
Landing Page Creation
Our design and development team work closely with our team of google ads specialists to create, test, and optimise landing pages that will successfully capture web traffic to drive leads and conversions.

ROI Focus, Total Transparency



Our approach to PPC is grounded in highly granular data, showing you exactly where you have opportunities to improve and how much you will benefit.



We focus on maintaining a string of relevance from keyword through ad copy to landing page. It’s the foundation of a strong quality score and a great user experience.



Your PPC campaigns are supported by the best technology, from custom AdWords Scripts to market-leading middleware.


Make it Simple

Your PPC campaigns are supported by the best technology, from custom AdWords Scripts to market-leading middleware.





PPC is a highly cost effective method of advertising on both search engines and websites.

You only ever pay when a user clicks on your ad, and you control how much you pay for each click. You decide how much budget to allocate per day, week or month. With PPC, You have more control over the process for generating website traffic. One can bid high funnel research terms and establish value leadership. It has more visible perks as compared to SEO and better services. In the world of PPC, there are few algorithm changes.

SEO - 6 years Experience

SMM - 6 years Experience

PPC- 6 years Experience

Website Develoment - 6 years Experience

We combine design and thinking and technical craft.

We offer paid advertising services across search, social, display and video channels, taking a methodical approach to deliver the best possible return on your investment.

Proper Choice of Keywords Deciphering the apt choice of keywords for our customers is what makes us an expert adWords management company in this niche.
Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands

Setting up a PPC campaign is easy enough, but it takes a true understanding of the data and your target audience’s behaviour to manage campaigns profitably.

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Target CPA This strategy will help you generate as many leads as possible at a set cost-per-conversion (CPA). The average CPA that you set will determine how many leads you’re eligible to receive.
We are a service digital agency

Orbit Media Tech is a full service digital marketing agency (Social Media, Digital Marketing, Branding)​, a tight-knit team of creators, doers, organizers and overall talented souls. We are lucky enough to create something beautiful.

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Maximise clicks The maximise clicks bid strategy will produce as many clicks as possible within your budget. This is ideal for clients with the goal of driving high volumes of traffic to the website using paid search.
Delivering good results

Maximising conversions works best for advertisers with campaigns that are limited by budget, as this will work using historical account data to get you as many leads as possible within your budget.

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Testing & refinement Google advertising is essentially all about testing and fine-tuning your campaigns. These tests can include adding new keywords, match types, locations, audiences and more.
We believe in growth

We provide comprehensive, detailed and fully customisable reports that keep you up-to-date with the progression and results of your PPC campaigns.

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