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Stand out on Social Media

We do this by publishing content that resonates, finding relevant conversations for your brand and participating in the dialogue.


Social Media
Strategy Development

We create a meaningful social strategy based on the goals and metrics that mean the most to you. This includes helping you to boost your brand engagement, create high quality leads, or drive more conversions. Social Marketing is an integral part of the web and is beneficial for increasing search results.


Research &

We check and assess previous activity on your existing social media profiles and accounts to gain insights for our audience targeting strategy. We also pay attention to which social platforms are relevant for your business and perform detailed research into user interests and behaviours. Collecting important database for future reference that is to be utilized later, like email database, gender and age data.


Social Assets &
Content Creation

We use a ‘test & learn’ approach to the creation of our social media assets and content. This helps us to work out which creative formats and types of content will achieve positive ROAS and increase conversion rates. Our content and design specialists are skilled at creating a variety of tailored content.

Reach Your Audience

There are over 3 billion active users across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This offers a fantastic opportunity for you to connect with current and potential customers alike. As well as reaching your audience, social media also gives you the opportunity to connect with them on an emotional level. And we do it nimbly, so that we can engage in meaningful conversations when they matter most.

Improve Brand Awareness

Increasing the brand awareness for your business is one of the biggest benefits of social media marketing. In fact, 91% of marketers saw a rise in visibility from only a couple of hours social media work a week. Brand awareness is a really important aspect of marketing, as it helps people remember and trust your brand.

Send Traffic to Your Website

If you’re launching a service or product, or trying to help customers, you’ll probably share information on social. Social media marketing is great for showing relevant content to customers and getting them to click through to your site. After all, these are people who have already chosen to interact with and receive regular updates from your brand.

Drive Sales

Organic and paid social media marketing can be great ways to drive sales for your business. The ability to send relevant, captivating and targeted information to customers at key points in their consideration phase is key. Social media allows you to do all three of these things in a highly effective way.

Why Choose Us?
Delivering Social Media Marketing Success

You can’t get customers running after your product simply by enchanting them. Instead, you need the right mix of social media planning and strategies that will help you acquire leads in an accurate and precise way. Orbit Media Tech is a Best Social Media Marketing agency embroiled with the optimum zeal to augment your brand awareness and visibility.

Delivering Social Media Marketing Success

Accelerate your Growth and Maximize Engagement by Banking on the expertise of our Social Media Marketing agency

Social media marketing allows you to target potential customers with more accuracy than most other forms of marketing. The three social media giants, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, have a combined audience of 3.4 billion active users. These audiences are made up of people who have given data that you can use to target them. Social media marketing advertising spend is therefore usually lower cost than other channels, and is often more impactful and effective.

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